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Tides and the phases of the moon can affect when salmon and sea trout enter the river. Big spring tides are preferred, and fish can reach Castle beat within a day from the sea if the river water levels are favourable.

River Deveron Fishing for Salmon, Sea Trout & Wild Brownies

The Fishery

Covering 2 miles of this superb river the Castle Fishery now accommodates 4 rods over three sections: Lower Castle beat, Upper Castle Double Bank and Upper Castle Single Bank. Castle fishery is an upper middle beat of the Deveron and offers excellent value fishing on one of Scotland’s premier salmon, sea trout and brown trout spate rivers. The fishery is set in beautiful Highlands countryside and it is rare to see anyone else other than a fellow rod and the occasional otter.

Lower Castle double bank beat is situated approximately 2 miles downstream of Huntly and includes the junction with the River Bogie, one of the two main tributaries of the Deveron. The beat is all double bank (although nearly all of the fishing is performed from the left hand bank) and runs for approximately 0.6 of a mile and includes 10 named pools. All the pools offer good fly water and a chance of a fish or two in high or low water. The beat fishes two rods to ensure privacy and that the pools are not overfished. The main left hand bank is well maintained with a cut grass path linking the pools. Most of the pools can be covered from the bank with little or no wading required. If you choose to wade then you will find the wading is quite easy with a mainly gravel bottom. There is a fishing hut in the middle of the beat with a gas stove for making hot drinks.

Upper Castle double bank beat is approximately 0.65 of a mile in length and includes 11 named pools from the junction of the Bogie to just past the picturesque Castle bridge crossing a gorge. The water is much faster through this beat than lower Castle with a wide variety of pool types with some of the deepest holding pots on the fishery. The beat flows through very mature woodland, so you can always find a shaded pool or two. This is another two rod beat which also includes the ‘wilder’ Upper Castle single bank.

Upper Castle single bank (LHS) beat is approximately 0.75 of a mile in length and includes 7 named pools. In total therefore Upper Castle beat comprises 18 pools. Upper Castle starts at the B9022 Road Bridge (to Huntly) and runs downstream to the white post (about 200m above the castle bridge). This bank and beat is quite overgrown and few if any have fished it in recent years though it has had a reputation of good catches, so could reward the adventurous rod!

The lovely Castle Hotel is 10 minutes’ walk from the fishery at the top of the track and offers excellent food and accommodation.

There is no regular ghillie on the beat, but one can be arranged if required.

Ringstone Pool.jpg (36 kb) Meeting Pot in high water - River Bogie joins the Deveron at Castle Fishery River Deveron

The Deveron:

The River Deveron is a north east Scotland spate river which runs from its source in the Ladder Hills (part of the Grampian range) for 60 miles to the Moray Firth at Banff.

The Deveron is rated (by catch returns) as the 5th best salmon and sea trout river in Scotland and is only surpassed by the mighty Tweed, Tay, Spey & Dee. Unlike the top 4 the Deveron is a relatively narrow river and so offers an intimate fishing experience. Deveron salmon have a good average size, with 10lb+ fish being very common, and there are always a number of 20lb+ fish caught each year. In fact the Deveron holds the British record for the largest salmon caught on a fly which weighed a staggering 61lb. The salmon season starts on the 11th February and spring salmon can be encountered from opening day anywhere on the river, although unusually the higher beats often out fish the lower and middle beats. Fresh fish continue to enter the river throughout the season, with a good grilse run in the summer and a significant run of large autumn salmon right up to the closing day on the 31st October. Given sufficient water sea liced salmon can be caught nearly anywhere on the river.

Castle Fishery.jpg (36 kb) Forsyth Pool - Primary holding pool at Castle Fishery River Deveron