Castle Fishery Beats Map

Beat Map

The below shows the Castle Fishery beat maps. There are a total of 28 named pools spread over Lower and Upper Castle beats. The Lower beat is approxiamely 0.6 miles in length, all double bank and joins the Upper Castle at the junction of the River Bogie. Lower Castle is therefore the major holding area for fish that run the Bogie to spawn. Virtually the entire length of the Lower beat is capable of producing fish given suitable water conditions.

Upper Castle is split into two parts. There is approximately 0.65 miles double bank which runs from the junction with the River Bogie upstream to the Castle Bridge.

Upper Castle single bank is approximately 0.75 miles single bank, which runs from just above Castle Bridge upstream to the main road bridge over the B9022.

Castle Fishery Map2.jpg
Castle Fishery Beats Map

Pool Inforamtions

Pool information for the Lower Castle Beat can be found on the Lower Castle Beat map page. Information on Upper Castle pools will be added over time and as we learm more about them.