Lower Castle Beat Map and Pools

Beat Map Lower Castle

The below is a beat map of the Lower Castle Beat which lies immediately below the junction with the River Bogie. Virtually the entire length of the beat is capable of producing fish.

Lower Castle Beat Map


The below descriptions refer to fishing from the left bank (hut side) unless stated otherwise.

Meeting Pot

Beware, on bank along side the pool there are some hidden holes in the grass. Start above the white boundary post and fish very short at first as fish can be caught right under post! Then fish through main ‘pot’ below large rock. In clear water climb bank and come down on post to start so as not to spook fish.

Junction Pool

Good pool in all water heights. Start right at the very top of stream and fish over the further stream by landing your fly into still water the far side. Fish whole pool but make sure you fish the tail in high water especially the ‘lip’ on the far bank.

Oak Run

A low water pool. Perfect for grilse when running, fish medium lines from LH bank all the way down to Ringstone.

Ringstone Pool

Good salmon pool in most heights. Except in high water make sure fly covers tip of small ‘croy’ above Ringstone rock. When at Ringstone rock make sure the fly lands hard along side of it as fish lie against it. Below the Ringstone rock land your fly over the stream but make sure it enters the stream at the correct pace and does not ‘whip’ round too fast.

Hut Pool

Good pool in medium and high water.

Gauge Run

Always worth a cast, any fish concentrated above first big boulder and below white water.

Kingsmill Pool

Good pool for both salmon and sea trout. It will fish in all heights. A main sea trout night pool.


Fish the stream from the croy then walk onto mini croy above large rock to cover beyond it. Continue downstream (unless very high water) by wading LHS by bank and fish down through pool. An unassuming pool at first glance, but produces consistently in high and low water. 19lb salmon from here 2013 in front of big rock.

Forsyth Pool

Good holding pool for salmon and sea trout. In good water and when not too clear fish from off left bank. If water is low and clear, wade across above pool and fish from right bank but you will need to wade and Spey cast off left shoulder and not have too unfavorable wind! You need to do it this way, as fishing from the higher left bank will spook the fish. This is a slow pool that requires square casting [and a downstream mend at times] and stripping to work fly in lower water after the stream at top has been fished. A main sea trout night pool especially the 15 yards in front of seat.

Boundary Pool

Tricky pool to fish but fishes best from right bank after you have waded across above the Forsyth Pool. This is the first deep pool on the river for possibly 1/2 a mile, so will hold up moving fish.  Also try casting across from LH side below croy long roll casts will cover the hot zones.