Upper Castle Beat Maps and Pools

Beat Map Upper Castle Double Bank

The below is a beat map of the Upper Castle Double Bank Beat which lies immediately above the junction with the River Bogie and extends for 0.65 miles upstream to about 200m above the Castle Bridge.

Upper Castle Beat Double Bank Section Map

Devil’s Chair

This is the top pool  on this beat and is located just above the bridge. It is fishable from one position, above the Devil’s Chair and table. Principally a salmon pool, fast water for low to medium height water.

Bridge Pool

Located just above and below the magnificent arch of the bridge this pool fishes throughout its length for salmon, sea and brown trout.

Castle Pool

A good salmon pool for fly and spinning, for the whole length.

The Firs

A nice pool for fly fishing, it holds fish but challenging.


Fish by fly with short lines from top of pool, then longer casts as pool opens up - it has some rough water for spinning. In good spate best at the bottom. A holdup for fish as there is heavy white water at the pool head. It is fishable in all heights.

The Basin

Improved recently; a salmon and Sea Trout pool, but has yielded some big brownies.  Easy to fish in all heights, but there is a deep pot beneath the rapids.

Sheep’s Haugh

A long pool easy to fish in all heights, ideal for sea trout and most fish are caught in the narrows half way down the pool.

Gravel Run

Fast channel in low water near RHS, best fished in medium to high water as gravel is covered and allows fish to rest up. Small deep pot near tail. Always worth a cast.

Black Duncan

A deep dark holding pool for salmon that tend to run near the RHS bank. Fishes well in most heights along the rocky LHS just be careful with your footing.  A good pool when it's sunny as it's very shaded. Always holds fish, and there are stories of big Salmon pulling anglers into the water here!

Hazel Craig

Another deep dark holding pool for salmon that tend to lie on the LHS under the gun turret and sea trout are caught at the bottom. uneven LHS bank to fish from, but worth the effort as another good fly pool starting from the top, or spinning from the bottom.

The Rookery

This pool is rarely fished but is good holding pool for Salmon and Sea Trout and brown trout of up to 2½lbs.  The first pool after the Meeting Pot so running fish may pause here.

Beat Map Upper Castle Single Bank

The below is a beat map of the Upper Castle Beat Single Bank Section is from approxiamately 200m upstream of the Castle Bridge and extends for 0.75 miles to the B9022 Road Bridge (to Huntly). This section is all single bank and is fished from the left hand bank.

Castle Fishery Map Upper Single2.jpg
Upper Castle Beat Map


Pool information will be added at a later date.