Superb Fishing for Wild Brown Trout

Brown Trout

Brown trout season - 15 March to 6 October Inclusive

The Deveron is one of the best rivers in the UK for quality wild brown trout with many fish of 5lb+ being caught each year. March, April and May are the best months to target these superb fish. Paul Proctor the famous brown trout fly fisherman has caught brownies to 7lb from the beat immediately below Castle Fishery. So far no records have been kept of the brownies caught from the beat but some lovely fish have been caught by salmon anglers. Anglers targeting the brownies at Castle during the peak spring months could be in for some fantastic fishing.

Brown Trout.jpg (74 kb)
A typical Deveron Brown Trout of just under 6lb

Tactics for Brown Trout

The larger brown trout will require a stealthy approach. Wear clothing colours that blend into the backdrop, keep low and and quiet, and avoid spooking the fish. When fishing dry flies and nympths cast upsteam to avoid the fish seeing you, and avoid line drag. Streamers fished down and across can also prove effective especially after a spate and the river is carrying a little colour. For most parts a 8 to 9ft rod will be ok as the banks at Castle are relatively clear of overhanging trees and other obstructions. Leaders will vary according to your style of fishing, but fish at least 4lb tippet even when fishing dry flies as you may encounter a fish of a lifetime.

The Deveron has good hatches of Olives and March Browns in the Spring, and the trout will take dry imitations readily during a hatch.