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Fishing Tackle and Advice

Turriff Tackle & Trophies

Frank Henderson at Turriff Tackle & Trophies will be very happy to provide you with both great advice, quality tackle and a ghillie (should you require one). If you are not a regular on the Deveron a visit to his shop in Turriff will greatly increase your chances of success, as you will be armed with the latest knowledge on how the river is fishing and the methods that are proving most successful at the current time.

River Deveron Salmon Fishery Board & The Deveron Bogie & Isla Rivers Charitable Trust

The Deveron Fishery Board & Deveron Charitable Trust

Management organisations working for the best interests of the River Deveron.

Food & Accommodation

Kildrummy Inn, Alford

Only 20 mins from Huntly, David Littlewood a Masterchef of Great Britain offers award winning modern Scottish cuisine and accommodation. If you are lucky enough to catch up with David he can give you some fishing tips as well!

The Castle Hotel, Huntly

Only a short walk from the Castle Fishery the Castle Hotel offers good food and accommodation.

Other Attractions

The Malt Whisky Trail.

Huntly is on the doorstep of the Whisky trail, which has an international reputation and well worth exploring.

Huntly Golf course.

Huntly Golf Course has a natural boundary of the river Deveron at Upper Castle and the river Bogie, and all within walking distance.

Forsyth Pool.jpg (73 kb)
Forsyth Pool Castle Fishery in lovely evening light.