Fishery Rules & Booking Conditions


1. Anglers are encouraged to fish the fly, but spinner is allowed in high water (over 1ft 6in on the gauge), or where you have booked both rods and the water is above 1ft. All other methods are not allowed.

2. All anglers are encouraged to observe the Voluntary Deveron Conservation Code.

3. The Castle fishery encourages the same return of all fish, but weekly anglers may take up to one salmon or grilse per week, as per the Deveron Conservation Code (detailed below).

4. No fires or barbecues are permitted.

5. Do not discard tackle at the fishery and please take your litter home with you.

6. Close all gates behind you when you drive up or down the track leading to the fishery.

7. Return the fishing hut key when you have finished fishing.


8. Rents are due and shall be settled in full EIGHT WEEKS in advance.

9. Tenants shall not be permitted to sub-let fishing’s without the prior written approval of the Proprietor.

10. In the event of cancellation of a booking by the Lessee, a minimum of eight weeks' cancellation must be given and a cancellation charge of 50% of the agreed rent will be made. In the event of later cancellations, the Lessee will remain liable for the whole agreed rent. We can try to re-let the fishing’s for you if you give us enough warning. In the event of re-letting taking place a 10% administration charge will be made. We do, however, strongly advise you to take out your own holiday insurance cover in the event that you have to cancel.

11. Please note that in line with general practice, we cannot give refunds for fishing spoilt by inclement weather or poor water conditions. Nor do we give refunds if you decide not to come.

12. No publicity without prior written consultation with the Proprietor.

13. Well behaved dogs welcome.


14. A fisherman must make steady progress downstream while fishing a pool thereby allowing any following fisherman equal progress through the pool.


15. Details of all fish caught (weights, pools in which they were caught, date, released or kept etc) should be reported in the returns book situated in the fishing hut.


16. Clients are strongly advised to take out a Public Liability Policy, covering themselves and their guest, for not less than £500,000.

17. Clients and guests are advised to wear and use their own personal protective equipment where appropriate. This should include chest waders, wading stick, appropriate clothing and flotation equipment to marine standards.

18. If you wish to leave your belongings in the fishing hut it is at your own risk and you are advised to ensure that you have adequate insurance cover for sports and other items when travelling.


19. All anglers and guests visiting the fishery do so completely at their own risk. By placing a booking you agree that the Proprietor is not libel for any accident or injury incurred, or any damage to or loss of personal property.

Gyrodactylus Salaris

To help prevent an outbreak of Gyrodactylus Salaris which has had catastrophic effects on some foreign rivers, all rods fishing must complete a Gyrodactylus declaration in advance of fishing. This states that either you have not used your fishing tackle abroad in the last three months, or you have done so and had it properly sterilised. A copy of the declaration form can be seen here. Please speak to Frank Henderson at Turriff Tackle & Trophies if you need advice on getting your equipment sterilised as there are no sterilisation facilities at the Castle Fishery.

The Deveron Conservation Code for 2018

  • Salmon – Release all Salmon caught up to 31st May. *
  • Salmon – After 31st May one cock Salmon under 10lb's per week permit may be kept.
  • Salmon - All hens to be returned (at all times). All cock Salmon over 10lb to be returned.
  • Salmon - All coloured fish to be returned at all times.
  • Sea Trout – All Sea Trout to be returned throughout the whole season - (in place for 3 years, then review stock levels)
  • Brown Trout - All fish under 10" to be returned with a maximum of 2 fish per week to be kept.
  • Anglers are encouraged to fish with fly only during low water conditions.
  • When spinning only one set of barbless or pinched hooks should be used.
  • All Farmed and Pink 'invading species' salmon must be retained.

    * The DBI Trust will donate a bottle of Chivas Regal (12Yrs) Whisky or a Side of Smoked Salmon for every Spring Salmon returned (until 31st May). Please contact the Trust on 01466711388 for more details.

    A full pdf version of the code is available by clicking this link.