Excellent Fishing for Salmon and Grilse

Salmon & Grilse

Salmon and Grilse season - 11 February 2013 to 31 October inclusive

The Deveron is rated as one of the best salmon fishing rivers in Scotland by rod catches and is only beaten by the famous salmon rivers such as the mighty Tweed, Tay, Spey and Dee. The recent River Deveron trends have been for an improved spring run, a good run of summer salmon, a later than normal grilse run and a late run of large autumn salmon. River Deveron salmon have a good average size with many fish exceeding 10lb and a good quantity in excess of 20lb are caught each year.

The Castle Fishery offers excellent fishing for salmon and grilse throughout the season. Although the catch statistics for the beat indicate that late season produces the majority of the fish, this is partly due to the fact that there has been little fishing effort in the earlier months. The Castle Fishery offers excellent streamy water towards the heads of nearly all the pools that is ideal for fishing the fly for salmon and grilse. The middle of pools such as Forsyth have a good depth of water that provides ideal holding water for salmon, and can provide excellent flyfishing in high water. The tails of most pools again provide excellent fly fishing opportunities. The mature croyes that were built at the heads of the pools many years ago have stood the test of time and create a good focus for the main flow whilst avoiding those annoying back eddies that are sometimes created by poorly designed croyes on other beats.

Grilse.jpg (70 kb)
A Silver Grilse Caught by D Plumpton from Ringstone Pool